03 Modelling the Carcass

Now that we’ve created the kicker, we’ll change the scale down to one to ten so the line work isn’t as bold.

Let’s start building up the rest of the carcass. We need to create some more reference planes.

We’ll hide the kicker so we don’t get confused with what we’re trying to select. To hide it, click on the kicker, and use the shortcut H-H, which is the same as using the temporary hide tool.

If I hadn’t used the keyboard shortcut, I could have clicked the kicker and then selected hide element.

Go to create and then click Extrusion so we can sketch out what we need.

When we sketch around the carcass, don’t sketch on the reference planes. This way it’s very clear which line has been aligned and which line hasn’t.

Use the align tool, keyboard shortcut A-L to lock and align each line.

We want the doors to sit in front of the edge of the carcass, so align these edges back a little bit so the doors will sit at the front over here and hinge at that corner.

Once that’s done, click the green check mark to accept the sketch.

Now, we need to set some parameters to this. We want them all to be the same as the carcass width, so we’ll create three dimensions.

Create those three dimensions using the shortcut D-I.

Let’s go through that again. Type D-I to create the dimension, click on one reference plane, and the next reference plane, then click an empty space.

Hold down the control key, and select all three reference planes. In the Label Dimension menu, select the drop down label menu, and we see the carcass width parameter that we created earlier. Select it.

Let’s just the scale to 1 to 10 to make the drawing a little easier to see.

Now you can see that the dimensions are all controlled by the Carcass Width parameter. Let’s go ahead and flex this.

Change the carcass width parameter to 30. Click OK. They all flexed to 30. Change it back to 20. It flexed correctly again, so that’s good.

Now, go to the front elevation in the Project Browser. Again, hide the carcass, using the shortcut H-H.

Pull this up so it locks to the height. Pull the base up so it locks above the kicker height. Lock it there. Type A-L, and make sure the top is locked as well.

03 Modelling the Carcass

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