04 Creating the Top Panel

The next thing we need to do is flex this height parameter, so let’s give that a test.

Set it to 1,800 high, and that flexes nicely.

Let’s go into 3-D and have a look.

The kicker and the carcass are modeled nicely, however, we need to join them so we don’t get this line.

In the Modify tab, click on join, and then click on the carcass and the kicker. Now that’s looking like one piece of geometry.

The next thing we need to do is build a top for this joinery unit. Go to the front elevation.

Create another reference plane. R-P is the shortcut. Use the shortcut D-I for dimension, and again we’ll set this parameter to be the carcass width.

Let’s hide this by using the tab key and pressing H-H.

Create an extrusion from between the reference planes. Lock that on all sides. Click the green check mark to approve the changes.


Go to the left elevation. The piece of geometry we created is sitting outside of the joinery unit. Hide the geometry by using the tab key to select it, and then typing H-H.

Pull it into place, and lock it. Pull the front into place. Lock it and then unhide the geometry.

Let’s look at it in 3-D. This is starting to look good. Now let’s flex the geometry by changing all the parameters to make sure that nothing is broken.

I’m going to set the Carcass width to 40. Depth to 800. Height to 1500. Kicker height to 150, and width to 900. Click apply. Ah ha …Something’s broken, so let’s go fix it up.

Go to the front, and reset the temporary hide to show all the geometry. Now you can see that the kicker has not been locked to the reference plane. I’m just going to change the scale to 1 to 10 to make the view clearer. Ok, now, to fix this, all I need to do is to click the geometry of the kicker and align it to the reference plane and make sure the alignment is locked.

Let’s flex this again. It looks like that geometry is going too far forward as well. It is not sitting correctly. The two should be in line with one another.

Let’s look at what’s happening there. This geometry is not locked to that reference plane, so let’s bring that in line and lock it.

Click on this reference plane again and use the align tool to lock the geometry

Let’s flex it one more time to make sure it’s all correct. I’m just going to make up some random values for the parameters.

Click apply. That works nicely.

04 Creating the Top Panel

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