07 Controlling Door Widths

07 Controlling Door Width

Let’s go to the floor plan and look at the parameters for this door.

The door currently has some incorrect values for it’s parameters. Change the door width to 600 and door depth to 20. Click apply.

Ok, now for our cupboard that we are creating, we need two doors but we have a problem.

When we change the width of the joinery unit, the door width is not updating.

What we need, is a relationship between the width of the joinery unit and the door width parameters. To do this we can create a simple formula in the Family Types dialogue box.

In the door width parameter I can write, the door width equals the width of the joinery unit divided by 2. Perfect. Now the door width will always be the correct size in relation to my joinery unit. Click Apply.

See how the door changed? Now, when we go to the joinery unit Family Types and change the width to 1200, the door changes as well.

Mirror the door. Align and lock the two doors in place.

Hide all the other geometry so it doesn’t get confusing.

Use the tab key to scroll through and select the items. Tab, tab, tab. Once the geometry is selected, type H-H to hide it.

Move the dimension out of the way as well. Use the align keys to align this door to that reference plane, and align the edge of the door to that reference plane and lock them.

Do the same thing on the other side. This reference plane gets aligned to that edge, and this reference plane gets aligned to there. Lock that.

Go to the front. There are two doors sitting here. Let’s look at the left elevation.

Our doors are sitting way too low. They are sitting in place correctly, but when we change the height of this joinery unit to 1500, our doors don’t change. We need to fix the parameter for the heights as well.

07 Controlling Door Widths

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