13 Symbolic Lines on Drawers

The next thing that I want to do is create some symbolic lines over the drawers to show that the drawers are actually sitting behind the doors in this joinery unit.

To do this we will create some dashed symbolic lines outlining the drawers.

Open up the drawer family. Go to the plan view, click on the drawer, and then click “Edit Family”. This opens the drawer family.

I want to show you something. Go to Create and click symbolic line. Use the line style, Elevation Swing Projection, and draw a diagonal line across the drawer.

In the Properties Panel, the Draw in Foreground option is on. Load this into the project.

We still don’t see the drawer. The line is on the drawer over here, but it’s not coming through in front of this door. So this is not working for us.

Ok, so what I need to do is have the symbolic lines actually sitting in front the cupboard door. To do this we need to go back into the drawer family and draw a reference plane in front of the drawer.

You’ll see I have a reference plane in here already, because I was testing this out earlier.

Now, I’m going to set this reference plane 50 millimeters in front of the drawer and lock the dimension, and I’m going to name the reference plane, Front of Drawer.

Now we need to go back to the front elevation, delete out the symbolic lines we drew earlier, and draw in new symbolic lines on Front of Drawer reference plane.

To do this, before drawing the symbolic lines, use the drop down menu and select the Front of Drawers reference plane.

Isolate the symbolic lines using the filter. To do this, select everything, click filter, check none, select the Lines, and click OK. In the Properties Panel, the draw in foreground option is selected.

Now, I’m going to show you what happens if the draw in foreground button is checked. Watch what happens.

I load this in, and overwrite the existing version. When we go to the front view, the drawer symbolic lines are not sitting in front of this joinery unit. It appears as though our trick has not worked. However, it is only not working because the Drawer in Foreground is selected.

So now let’s do this with the Drawer in Foreground option unselected.

This time lets uncheck the draw in foreground option. Load this into the project, overwrite the existing version, and go to the front. The symbolic lines are sitting perfectly in front of the cupboard doors

This is working well. The nice thing about symbolic lines is they only work in elevation. When we go into 3-D, we won’t see them so they don’t get in the way of our renderings.

13 Symbolic Lines on Drawers

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