17 Adding Material Parameters

Now that we’ve modeled most of the joinery and it looking correct, the last thing we need to do is add some material parameters.

We need to select the objects that we want to have materials, so select the kicker and the carcass. In the properties panel, find the material parameters, click the little grey button, and add a material parameter.

Name it Carcass Material. Click OK.

Click on the door. In the properties panel, we don’t have an option for the material parameter.

This is because the door was a nested family. Click edit family to get into the door family.

Click on the door. Now, in the Properties Panel, we can add a material parameter inside the family. Name this parameter Material. Click OK. Click OK again.

Load this into the family. Overwrite the existing version.

Click on edit type and find the material parameter. We now have the material parameter, because we just created it.

Create a new parameter. Name it Door Material. Click OK until the dialog boxes are closed.

Click on Family Types dialogue box. The door material has been linked because we linked it from the Edit Type to the family types.

The last thing we need to do is add a material for the drawers. The drawers would be the same as the doors because they were linked.

Click on the drawers and then click edit type. We don’t have a material parameter in here, so we need to add a material parameter.

Click edit family, which opens the family.

Go into 3-D so we can get select the drawer easily. The material property is listed in the Properties Panel. Click the grey rectangle, and in the properties dialog box, create a new material.

Now we’ve created a material parameter. Load it into the casework family. Overwrite the existing version.

Once again, click on edit type. We now have the material parameter listed, so we can link the two parameters together. Create a new parameter.

Name it Drawer Material. Click OK. Click OK again. Click OK.

In the Family Type, we have the drawer material, and it’s linked.

We need to load this into the project.

Click Edit Type. We have the materials that we can add into the family.

Click on carcass material and add a new material. Select Cherry and duplicate it.

Name it Timber Veneer.

Go to the appearance tab, and duplicate the asset as well.

This creates a separate asset. It is very important to duplicate the asset as the asset is responsible for how the material will appear when rendered.

Expand the appearance folder, expand wood, and select panels. Find a paneling that you like.

Double click to select it. Close the Asset Browser. We have the material that we want now. Click OK. Click OK again.

17 Adding Material Parameters

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