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Revit 2024 Fundamentals

4 Lessons 00H 25M 54S

Revit 2024 Fundamentals

Revit Basics

In this tutorial you will learn how to start a new project in Revit by selecting a template file to work from. We will also cover fundamental drafting commands and get familiar with the user interface.

15 Lessons 01H 49M 26S

Modelling the project

Import a survey file and start building up the model based on the survey information. Learn to build topography, walls, boundary lines and more.

4 Lessons 00H 31M 20S

Modelling the Interior

Learn to set up Reflect Ceiling Plans, View Ranges and create 3d views. This course will delve deeper into setting up the interior setup of the house.

8 Lessons 01H 27M 20S


Set up your drawings professionally and learn how to create schedules, legends and tags.

7 Lessons 01H 26M 11S

Intermediate Modelling

Take your designs to the next level and learn how to set up design options, phase a project and create shadow diagrams.

1 Lessons 00H 4M 53S

Printing and Exporting

This final course will show you how to export your documentation to PDF, create DWG file sets and show you the optimal settings for printing your sheet sets.


4 Lessons 00H 22M 33S


Getting Started With Revit 2021

In this tutorial you will learn how to start a new project in Revit by selecting a template file to work from. We will also cover fundamental drafting commands and get familiar with the user interface.

7 Lessons 00H 30M 0S

Starting Your Project

In this course, we will cover the three most important aspects required at the beginning of every project: Setting the North direction, setting the project's levels, and drawing the property (boundary) lines.

17 Lessons 01H 58M 45S

Modelling the Exterior

In this tutorial, you will learn how to model walls, windows doors. After this, we will continue on to model the roof, gutter, fascias, and soffits.

12 Lessons 01H 8M 1S

Modelling the Interior

Following on from the previous tutorial, we will model ceilings and floors, stairs, and place furniture in the model. We will then place a camera in the scene and render a 3d image. Following this, we will add structure and foundations.

9 Lessons 00H 53M 40S

Documenting the house

In the following tutorials, we will create elevations, sections and coloured plans and lay these drawings out on sheets.

11 Lessons 01H 22M 49S

Details, Schedules and Legends

Revit has multiple ways to track data. In this tutorial, we will cover using keynotes, schedules, and legends and apply these concepts to detailing in Revit. We will also cover revisions, and use the "comment" parameter to track multiple changes in a single revision.

3 Lessons 00H 21M 3S

Finalising the drawings

Now that the drawings are largely complete, we will create a cover sheet, clean up some errors, and print.


19 Lessons 01H 15M 10S



Starting from basics, this Revit tutorial will teach you the fundamentals of modelling Families, nesting geometry, creating symbolic lines and working with various parameters.

11 Lessons 00H 50M 43S


In this lesson, you’ll learn how customise Revit to produce your own, stylised, documentation, create a rotating north arrow. and learn how to modify elevations and levels.

9 Lessons 00H 27M 46S


In this Revit tutorial you will learn how to create an electrical switch that will show as a symbol in the reflected ceiling plan and a model object in elevation.

10 Lessons 00H 32M 42S


In this tutorial we will cover how to model door families, explaining the door family template and cover typical methods to create door panels and door frames.

16 Lessons 01H 9M 10S


In this course you will learn how to create construction details in Revit, working with Parts in Revit to modify walls and create detail families.

6 Lessons 00H 38M 17S


In this Revit tutorials, we will cover how to create a curtain panel system, modify types of curtain panels and create internal partitions.

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